Wisdom vs. Foolishness

Key Text: Proverbs 9:1-18 

Wisdom’s Seven Pillars, Revelation 3:12. Paul tells Timothy that Christians are actually a living part of pillars supporting the Truth here on earth, 1Timothy 3:15. So Wisdom’s 7 pillars is a symbolic and prophetic gesture of a perfected and unshakeable foundation for the Christian life built on Christ, who personified Godly wisdom, Matthew 7:24-29. Who is the bride of Christ?

Wisdom’s Banquet, Luke 14:16-24 & Revelation 19:9. A feast in ancient history is always symbolic of celebrating an achievement, the fruit of success! If you want to experience success by God’s definition, then learn and adopt His wisdom in your daily lifestyle. It is publicly available. Of course, the bread and wine is clearly symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus, which is our victorious supper we share.

The Person who is wise: A wise person possesses an attitude which is willing to learn more and remain open to always keep learning. With this attitude we are able to correctly apply the gifts God gives us, such as holiness, faith, righteousness and a love that expresses mercy and grace. Perhaps the greatest gift is the access to God’s ears every Christian is granted in prayer through Jesus. Is it possible to lose access and have our prayers hindered? Proverbs 15:29 says yes. A wise person gets God’s attention and uses prayer. In fact a wise person will be devoted to prayer, Colossians 4:2. If a wise Christian wants more of God’s favor, Christians will praise Him, despite difficulties, for “if we endure when we do good and suffer for it, it brings favor with God” upon that Christian, 1Peter 2:20.

The Person who is foolish, 2Timothy 3:7. The Hebrew writer was certain that Christians could fall into foolishness. Hebrews 5:11-14. How did these older Christians become slow to understand the message of righteousness? Because their lifestyle ‘goes straight on THEIR way” and they heed the foolish woman of Proverbs which sits in high places of the city, Prv. 8:15-16. Their way is to be “led along by a variety of passions”, 2Tm 3:6. They are not single minded and determined to explore God’s truth in the message of righteousness, which is many faceted and ever able to teach, Eph. 3:9-11. They lack the “Berean” mindset, Acts 17:10-11, which is noble as opposed to foolish. The New Testament describes foolish people in 2Tm 3:1-5 in 19 different ways with the result being that they ‘worm their way’ v6, into families. Why do foolish people end up being so deceitful? Because Paul’s list to Timothy is describing the worst kind of self-centeredness. Make note of the seven things which God hates in Prv. 6:16-19, two of them relate to deception! A lying tongue a heart plotting wickedness and a lying witness giving false testimony. This is the height and foolishness of unfaithfulness, because it only makes a person’s life more miserable. This kind of arrogance and selfishness is what the Lord used to make Pharaoh’s heart harder and yet harder. Ex. 4:21, 14:8.

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