Preserving Purity

Key Text: Proverbs 5:1-18, & 1st Cor. 6:9-20.

Honey turning to Wormwood? v1-4. The bitter oil of the wormwood plant is toxic and can kill, so Solomon uses it to describe the after-effect of sweet temptations from women. When a man’s curiosity is blended with time to contemplate his sexual desire, this sweetness can immediately be tasted & enjoyed, but it is always ultimately disastrous. Adultery can kill, v5. The law of Moses sentenced adulterers to death, Lev. 20:10. Today, the price of adultery is paid in many costly ways, if not sooner, than later, and no one can afford it, Prv. 6:29. Foolish but beautiful women know this allurement, and every Christian man must be equally aware of what they are really doing. This can preserve your purity. Purity grows in value if we… 

Maintain discretion, v2. If women do not try to dress and act discreetly, then men will find it difficult to maintain discretion. So don’t go ‘near her door’. Be aware of the opposite gender’s natural inclination to be pleasing and behave accordingly! 1Cor. 7:33-34.

Safeguard knowledge, v2. If we are talking about the truth, and keep focused on the facts, then the deceptions of the opposite sex will be exposed for what they truly are. Malachi 2:6-7

Keep Vitality, v9. The honourable beauty of a virgin (male & female) is to be persevered and counted precious. This lends towards longevity of life. Romans 1:24-27. 

Regret vs. Forgiveness. King David experienced paying the price for adultery, and yet lived to enjoy forgiveness. However, regret was a very real and lingering effect he took to the grave, Read 1Kings 2, and understand the enduring struggle between Solomon & Adonijah which disturbed David to his death. David’s adultery had consequences which forgiveness from God did not erase. Remember Galatians 6:7-8. God can forgive us and totally forget our sins for eternity. But the consequences can linger for a few generations to come. Compare Psalm 103:10-12 & Exodus 34:6-9.

Pleasure in Your Own Spouse, v18. God instituted monogamous marriage (Gen. 2:24 & Mt. 19:6-12) for several reasons, one of which is safe & enjoyable sex. Erotic love within marriage is the only place you can find sex which is truly safe and simultaneously pleasurably fulfilling. If we express eros outside marriage we become lost in our own stupidity, v23. The very nature of erotic love is too intimate for sharing with more than one.  This should be obvious, but these verses warn us all, because our own desires and temptations from outside are strong and plenty. Even ignorant atheists know that sex is potentially very dangerous, but who knows where safe sex can be found?

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