Protection From The Proverbs

Key Texts: Prv. 2:1-15 & Matthew 13:34 & James 1:5 

We can not gain a meaningful relationship with God as mere happenstance, anymore than we can gain a spouse or even a close friend. We must…

Incline our ear

Apply our heart

Cry out and search avidly for His wisdom

Accepting and practicing this advice will protect us from sin. It is good for us to train our soul to search for God’s wisdom, this blesses Him and He blesses us. Prv. 2:1, Heb. 11:6 & Psa. 103:1-4. Whether we are searching for God or not, once we find Him, we should recognize the benefits and blessings He offers, and be willing to SELL ALL to grow in His wisdom, power and blessings, Matthew 13:44-45. How do we “incline”, “apply” and “search avidly”? (v2-3). By prayerfully reading His word and discovering his nature and will. In prayerful reading, we should actively ask God for understanding. That is truly to “incline our ear”. Then when we understand, we should prayerfully ask Him to strengthen us to practice what we understand. Without His strength, we will not apply wisdom. Then of course, we need to KEEP searching for more and grow in His nature. This is easier for you as a Christian, than it was for any faithful Jew, absent of God’s Spirit in their heart. Rom. 8:9 & Gal. 5:22-23.  

Since God is our creator, He knows what will work best for us and help us be completely satisfied and whole. He will protect those who try to live righteously and help our pathway be successful, 2:6-8.  A Selfish Greedy Christian, or a Devoted Mormon Elder?Does God view either of them worse than the other? If we truly love, apply and search to grow in God’s wisdom, then God will protect us from becoming perverted. Remember God sees us as perverted, if we grow twisted and fruitless, instead of straight and fruitful. John 15:5-8. 

In what way is the knowledge we are to pursue more than the mere intellectual awareness of facts?  How can we gain wisdom?  When you recognize the truth of a “lesson in life”, what do you do about it? 

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