God’s Woman of Wisdom

Key Texts: Proverbs 1:8-33 & Romans 3:9-18

God uses Solomon’s advice to his son Rehoboam, as if he is searching for what will satisfy his strongest desires. God puts wisdom forward as a woman, to remind us that there are more important features than just outward appearances.  A proverb may sound nice and pretty, but does it convey the truth in such a way that you can use it and fall in love with everything the woman can offer you? Jesus conveys the same picture in Mt. 11:19. Contrary to popular fiction, there were only two women who held a special place in the heart of Jesus, His mother Mary, and wisdom herself! In being like Christ, we need to work up in ourselves a desire for the right things in our daily lifestyle. Jesus said “man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word which proceeds from the mouth of God,” Mt. 4:4.

Why does Solomon contrast violence with wisdom?  Because violence is bad for yourself, whereas, Wisdom is good for you. Notice whose feet running towards violence end up getting killed? Prv. 1:16-19. Jesus said those who live by the sword die by it, Mt. 26:52. Would Steve Irwin been safer, had he believed this proverb? Wisdom preserves life, and violence ruins it.
She Speaks Loudly  & Teaches Clearly, Prv. 1:21-23. Wisdom is not the illusive and obscure possession of a few mystical professors. No, she is willing to teach ANYone, ANYtime & ANYwhere! The gospel is likened to this simplicity, Lk. 10:20-24.
She extends her hand, offering Discipline. Prv. 1:23-24. The Hebrew word here infers that the woman has a reasoned corrective argument which she hopes everyone will examine. Will you?  What is the reasoned argument all about?  The Apostle Paul tells us that we should pray about the Spirit of Wisdom, Eph. 1:17. The Apostle John tell us that the Spirit of Christ is Truth, 1st John 5:6.

She will make one of two responses to our reaction of her warnings:
1.  She will either laugh at us, Prv. 1:26. Generally speaking men have always been quicker to laugh at someone than women, usually women are more hesitant to mock other people, therefore God uses this mocking as a real distasteful event, surely Rehoboam wouldn’t want a woman laughing at him!). She will laugh at us if we don’t recognize right from wrong, or if we dismiss her by scorning or mocking her, or if we reject her knowledge.

2.  or,…She will guard our freedoms, Prv. 1:33. She will give herself to those that prayerfully ask God for all her counsel & advice, James 1:5. If we try her discipline, and listen to her words, and direct our heart to understanding, Prv. 2:2.

The New Testament quotes Prv 1:16 in Rom. 3:15. God in Jesus wants us to remember that every single one of us has fallen prey to the world’s woman of foolishness. Violence is to be avoided in our lifestyles. How many of us spend money on horror movies, or allow our children to watch WWF?   Does our heart really desire the world’s woman of foolishness? Be honest! How can we avoid a desire for violence? See Php 4:8.

Christians should remember the words of Jesus, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, Mt. 12:34.  No doubt Jesus had read Prv. 15:2, The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, but the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness. The only way your heart can be filled with wisdom is for us to fall in love with her.

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