God’s Promises to Moses, David & Christians

Truly the Law was a promise-bearer, given to bless the Jews. Within the law was the promises of blessed prosperity (land) and the promise of a powerful ruler (messiah), for the Israelites, NOT the Gentiles. Both promises inside the law had their original condition shadowing the reality of Christianity and Christ. We Gentiles are beneficiaries of God’s grace, not the law. Yes the law teaches us about God, but it does not bless us with the fulfilment of any of it’s promises. However, The Jews are beneficiaries of the law, as long as they kept the law. The law’s benefit was not salvation, it was the privilege of bringing The Messiah into the world AND peaceful possession of their land. Once that was completed, the law would be fulfilled and made obsolete in the Messiah Jesus. So today, the Jews still strive in futility to possess their land in rejection of their own Messiah. We should pray for them. The covenants God made with Moses & David, reflect truths we can grow & strengthen our faith upon in Christianity, let’s look at both of them:

Moses: The Book of The Covenant, Ex. 24:7-8. The most important covenant for Jews was not in this book. CIRCUMCISION. Circumcision was a sign for Jews from Abraham, BEFORE the book of the Covenant through Moses. The promise within circumcision is: blessing the world with Christ Jesus’ salvation, the seed of Abraham. However the promise in the book of the covenant or law of Moses, is different. What is it? Firstly, peaceful Possession of the Land with prosperity and secondly the BRINGING of the Messiah into the world to bless everyone. Neither the Land, nor the BRINGING of the Messiah made the Jews SAVED for eternity in Heaven. Only Jesus can do that. For Gentile Christians, the most important truth we can learn from the old Book of The Covenant through Moses for the Jews, is this: within it’s laws were sacrifices showing everyone the BLOOD OF THE COVENANT. This element of the Book of the Covenant is what attracted Gentiles to be proselytised. It was not the superiority of the 10 commandments or the rigid tithes, or all the many feast days observed by Jews which attracted Gentiles to be proselytised, but indeed the blood of the sacrifices, made the Gentiles take an interest in the God of the Jews. See Acts 8:30-34. This need for sacrifice is what Christians should grow in, because Jesus is our High Priest and we are a Royal Priesthood. Herein we find a way to please our Savior & God, 1Peter 2:9 & Romans 12:1, and show Him thanks for saving us.

 David: The Covenant of Salt, 2Chronicles 13:5. Salt was a necessary addition to all sacrifices, Leviticus 2:13. When people ate together, they became friends and often used phrases like, “there is salt between us”, which always meant that they had cemented a friendship and promised loyalty with one another. You can see this in Ezra 4:14. Offerings to God were to be made with a statute forever before Him, Numbers 18:19. What exactly was the covenanted promise of salt between God and David? That his dynasty would last, unlike Saul’s dynasty. Actually Jesus is legally kin to David through the legal guardianship of Joseph, being Mary’s husband. Jesus said “Have salt in yourselves and be at peace with one another”, Mk. 9:50, this obviously means we should be living sacrifices, meeting one another’s needs in service. Paul said Christians were living sacrifices. He says, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone”, Colossians 4:6. The rule of Jesus as King in your life is exercised by your usage of His grace and words.  David’s covenant of salt is to remind us that our dynasty in Jesus to rule forever will never be broken as long as we confess Him daily in our ‘salty’ lifestyle, Luke 9:23 & Mt. 10:32.  In this we are made a ROYAL Priesthood, 1Peter 3:9, here and in eternity!

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